Pizza, Barbecue, Japanese Cuisine & More At These Restaurants In Allen TX

Pizza, Barbecue, Japanese Cuisine & More At These Restaurants In Allen TX

The city of Allen TX is a great place to search out restaurants that fit the image of the Lone Star State. You could say that about almost every Texas city I’m sure. You certainly have quite a few choices when you’re browsing places to eat in Allen. Instead of driving around and stopping at a random restaurant, why not try out one of these top four dining establishments?

Shiawase Japanese Restaurant is located on North Watters Road. One of its claims to fame is the miso soup. The salmon tower is also quite popular. People report that the restaurant features a really nice atmosphere. Have you ever tried a caviar mix over rice? What about a dish called Hawaiian Poki? There are all kinds of delicious dishes to try at Shiawase Japanese Restaurant.

Elkes Market Cafe is on North Greenville Avenue. This restaurant is a great stop for lunch, especially if you’re looking for a good sandwich and some delicious soup. You can even pick from some gluten free menu items. It’s a wonderful little cafe to stop by for lunch. You can also check out the delicious desserts they have available, as well as casseroles and dips for takeout.

Big Ray’s BBQ in Allen is right on Main Street. You probably knew you were going to get a pick at some point for some delicious Texas barbecue. Reviews point to the fact that this establishment features very reasonable prices. Is it time for some brisket and baked beans? The restaurant environment is very laid back and casual, as you would expect when it comes to a barbecue joint in Texas.

You need to know where to get pizza in Allen, too, right? One of the top places is Pie Five Pizza Company. Instead of getting a high five, you’re getting a pie five. This pizza place is on Stacy Road, and it’s a little different than most restaurants that serve up delicious pizza pies. You order up personal pizzas, and there are some unique topping choices according to the reviews.

You’ve got a Japanese restaurant, a pizza place, a stop for barbecue and a wonderful establishment to enjoy soups and sandwiches for lunch. Think about what you would like to eat, and make one of these places your next stop. All four of these restaurants feature great ratings overall, and so you’re likely to really enjoy the entire experience.